Here is how to improve the smoothness of your Camaro's clutch linkage.

clutch rods


The two cluctch pedal rods above are a 69, second up from bottom, with bend, and a 67/68 bottom, with no bend.

The 67/68 rod is shorter at 11 5/8" ctr to ctr.

The 69 rod is 11 7/8" ctr to ctr.

The lower clutch adjuster rod is in the middle with aluminum replacement version above it. I cut the rod end shank (left) to about 3/4" long to allow more threads for the adjuster. You will need a special deep tap to tap for the 3/8"-16 threads for the adjuster I tapped 2 1/2" deep and left a half inch of 5/16"-24 threads for the rod end.

Below is the deep tap needed for the adjuster rod threads.

The rod end is self lubricating bronze, made by Seal Master, Part number TM5Y. McMaster Carr part number 6072K83, search on this number on their web site

The alunimum tube is 1/2" OD X .110" wall.

There are also differences in the clutch pedal hole location.

My 67 has the clutch rod hole at 4 1/8" from the top pivot.

My 69 clutch pedal has two holes, one 2 15/16" down, the second is 3 9/16" from the pivot, the upper hole is for a starter interrupt switch, the lower hole is for the clutch rod.

I assume the higher hole on the 69 clutch pedal gave an easier clutch feel and improved pedal ratio over the 67 and 68 models. The bend in the rod for the 69 is needed for firewall clearance.

I have measured my 67 and 69 cross shafts and found no differences.

Thanks to Carl Cassanova for the advice and instructions.

Below is the 69 clutch pedal assy.