For stock subframe:

CASTER: 5.5deg positive, - we have run up to 7 deg positive.

CAMBER 2.5 deg neg for tight autocrossing

toe set at zero, try some toe out for tight courses, 1/4".


Our second gen is autocrossed and open tracked a LOT so the alignment is agressive.

You can't get that much caster using stock upper A arms. We have Global West and Hotchkis upper arms which are great.

Geometry is pretty good if tall ball joints are used. Test data here


If you don't change your upper A arms try this:

set as much positive caster as you can get, probably 2.5 to 3 degrees is all you can get.

set 1 degree negative camber .25 to.5 deg camber is easier on your tires, 1 deg handles a little better.

set toe in at zero, tires straight ahead. If the car does not go straight ahead on the highway, try 1/16" toe in.


Make sure your balljoints, idler arm, tie rod ends, and steering box are all in good shape. Steering box can be adjusted, turn down the Allen screw on top of the box.