UPDATED 10/15/08

corrected a wrong height measurement for 69 302 motor mount.

There is a lot of confusion on what frame and engine mounts GM used in the Camaro.

There were three thicknesses of engine mounts, the left mount according to the article below was used on all 307 and 327 low perf engines 67-69. I believe this is an error, this mount is more narrow and MAY be for a 67, 68 396. My 67 327/275 has the middle ones, and I've had my Camaro since it was new in Oct 1966.

The center mount is for 67-68 high perf 302, 350, 396 engines.

The right hand 2 1/8" tall mount is for 69 302, 350, and 396 engines only.

The early Camaro engine mounts were not interlocking type, at least on the low perf engines. They just had a block of rubber glued between two plates of metal and would tear allowing the engine to lift up. The fan would hit the shroud and the engine could even hit the hood. There was a danger of the engine pulling on the throttle linkage and having an "unintended acceleration" event. I suspect the 67 and 68 high performance engines used an interlocking type of mount that would interchange with the low perf mounts. It interlocks on the bottom edge only and is not as durable as the 69 mount.

In 1969 the factory installed interlocking mounts on the high perf engines only. These mounts are thicker and required a shorter frame mount to keep the engine where in the correct position.

In 1971 there was a recall campaign to install a cable restraint system to hold the engine in place in the event of a motor mount falure. NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID Number 7IV235000. They list the potential number of vehicles Affected at 6,682,084!

SAFETY HAZARD! UNSAFE ENGINE MOUNTS ON CAMAROS. once there use the search link on the left, search on "Chevrolet - 1967 - Camaro" when prompted.

This link should take you to directly to the results page of NHTSA without searching.

HERE IS A TRANSCRIPT OF THE ABOVE RECALL NOTICE If the above recall links do not work, click here to read it on my page.

Below, is a magazine clipping of Camaro motor mount info.



Total height for a 69 Z/28 and high performance mount and frame bracket assembly is:

LH 3 5/8"

RH 3 3/4"

69 motor mount thickness to bolt hole: 2 1/8". (subtract this from above to get frame bracket height).


The total height for A 67/68/69 low performance frame bracket and motor mount is:

Also 67/68 high perf

LH 3 11/16"

RH 3 15/16"

67-68 V8 all, and 69 low perf motor mount: 1 5/8" thick. (subtract this from above to get frame bracket height)

The above chart uses latest part numbers available at the time of publishing, which was early 80's. Original motor mount or frame mounts may have different numbers which are superceded by these "currently available" numbers.


Here are measurements of BB Frame brackets from "phel69" a Team Camaro forum member.

"These are the heights of a set of big block brackets in a car I have.

1. Driver's side is 2.5 inches from base to the top of the bracket. It measures 1.75 inches from base to center of the bracket bolt hole. It is GM part # 3950113.

2. The passenger side bracket measures 2.0 inches from the base to the top of the bracket. It measures 1&3/8 inches from the base to the center of the bracket bolt hole.This is GM part # 3950114.

NOTE enine mount and frame bracket part numbers changed over the years. Current BB brackets are L

These measurements were taken in the car but should be accurate. - Bob." link to quote above.


67, 68, 69

My 67 was a 327/275hp and uses 3955183(L) and 3980938(R) frame brackets. The height from frame to center of mount hole is R 2 3/16" L 2" Width is 2 3/8" . All low perf V8 engines use this mount 67, 68, 69.

Use with short motor mounts, height 1 5/8" Width 2 3/8"


69 High Performance Frame Brackets L 3945507 R 3945508 height to the hole is L 1 7/16" R 1 9/16" Width is 2 5/16"

NOTE: The short frame bracket below has four spot welds on top, this is for a reinforcement underneath that encloses the bottom of the engine bolt.

302 engine uses this in 69 only, - 67 and 68 is different.

Use engine mount for 69 302 height 2 1/8" width 2 3/8" 3990918

Total mount and bracket height will be aprox



The left two engine mounts are 1 5/8" from hole to block face, and measure 2 5/8" wide. This corresponds to the left and middle mounts in the photo below. I believe the left mount may have been used on most 67 -68, and 69 low perf small blocks.

The center mount may be a 67 and 68 high perf mount for 302, 350, 396. You can see it only has a tab on one end, I guess this helps to keep the rubber from tearing apart. I still would not trust it. Height is 1 5/8" width 2 5/8"

On the right, a 69 high performance mount, taller interlocking type of improved design that measures 21/8" from block to mount hole, width 2 3/8". Note the two rivets and rubber coated interlocking plates on it's left side.




This is the Energy suspension motor mount (3.1114G) which comes with a must-use reinforcement plate under it. This extra thickness may cause some alignment problems with your power steering adjuster bracket. The two bolt type - low perf ps bracket may fit under the mount and use a washer to space the third hole. Be sure to use longer bolts for full thread engagement.

Here is a helpful Email about big block motor mount quality. Many thanks to Paul!

"My latest use of your site revolved around motor mounts.   In my aggravating quest to improve pinion/engine alignment, I thought lowering the engine could help, (improving trans out put angle) even if just a little.   To do this my plan is to get rid of the low performance engine mount/frame bracket set up.  I know, not a lot of drop, but maybe it will move tailshaft one degree.  I already have spring wedges and shims at tranny mount.
In doing so, I discovered what I'm sure is useless to most people, but I thought it interesting and possibly could help another "jack leg" down the road.
The subject of my attention is the HP302/350 and BB GM Mount 3990918, which we know is discontinued, but aftermarket "replacements" relatively available.  Of course all parts are not created equal.  In buying a pair from Car Quest, they were made in India, with distances between the mounting ears - 1/4" too small, (2.10") compared to what it was supposed to be at 2.375" (Which I would not know except for your site)    Of course I could have persuaded them open easy enough, but in doing so, the result was \ /, instead of parallel ears.
For fun, and fully expecting to get another set of junk mounts, especially when they said $8.00 each, I bought a "Duralast" set (#2283) from Auto Zone, and to my utter amazement, they were US Made!  They weighed 11oz's more then the India veversion, (2# 12-1/4oz's) and had all the correct measurements!   This is the info I thought useful and wished I could have found online.  Even a lot of expensive parts are foreign and poor quality these day, regardless of where you get them.
This quest was never about buying a cheap mount, I would have gladly paid more, I just preferred a rubber mount for vibration, didn't like the Energy Suspension mount since it was slightly taller, (concern for my purpose) and I was in the process of trying to figure out if Lakewood Mounts were US made, and if so was going to purchase those.
Anyway, I'm sure people send you either useless info or info you know all the time, but figured this would delete easy enough.
If not, it was therapeutic to tell someone who at least knew what I was talking about. :)


Z bar top view Here is the big block Z bar, it is 9.5" from left to right, lower (clutch end of the arm) is 7" long, upper arm is about 3 3/4" long overall, not to holes.

SB photos will follow.

Here is a link to discussion of clutch rod lengths and widths.


3912573 TH 400 BB crossmember tubular type, $55.75 list price still available from GM.

3899006 is for use with 3sp, 4sp, th350, pg has rounded bottom hole for trans bolts.

There was a BB Manual trans crossmember, it is thicker and has a squared off hole on the bottom for the trans bolts.